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AM Radio Replacement

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Time marches on and obsolescence continues.

It's been my habit for years to listen to CBC on an AM radio while cooking or working around the house. Soon it seems, their AM broadcasts will cease in favour of streaming.

Is there a replacement gadget, internet-connected, that can be a replacement source? Presumably I can set up my smartphone to do this, but in-home wi-fi can be spotty.

So the search begins for a low-cost table-top internet streamer.
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After some thought and browsing, the best solution I can come up with is smartphone plus small Bluetooth speakers, maybe one in a static location and maybe one to carry around.
Or perhaps a tablet.
I stopped listening to FM about 20 years ago, because it's largely become crap. For many years, my go to stations were CHFI and CJEZ, which played the adult contemporary format. Then, about 20 years ago, they started bringing in the boy bands and continued to sink from there. These days, the only radio I listen to is news on AM. If my next car doesn't have AM, then I won't be listening to radio at all. As it is, at home I listen to my own music collection, rather than the radio. Maybe the broadcasters should be looking at why they're pushing people away.
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I'm not into classical music.
Has onyone on this forum heard the "hash" noise?
Try driving next to a streetcar in Toronto. I don't know about the current generation, but older streetcars made a lot of noise.
According to what I heard on the news tonight, Ford will not be dropping AM, even with EVs.
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