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AM Radio Replacement

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Time marches on and obsolescence continues.

It's been my habit for years to listen to CBC on an AM radio while cooking or working around the house. Soon it seems, their AM broadcasts will cease in favour of streaming.

Is there a replacement gadget, internet-connected, that can be a replacement source? Presumably I can set up my smartphone to do this, but in-home wi-fi can be spotty.

So the search begins for a low-cost table-top internet streamer.
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Hold off on anything. There's been a lot of backlash to what the CEO said in that interview in the Globe and Mail. I suspect that she'll be walking some of her comments back quite soon. In any case she also said that the change could be 10 years away. It was really just a bit of crystal balling that the Globe turned into a fait accompli. Streaming is having its day but it may in the end not be the answer. It is already showing signs of faltering as its downsides become apparent.

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Thanks for this information.

I'll take your advice. It is most welcome.

After some thought and browsing, the best solution I can come up with is smartphone plus small Bluetooth speakers, maybe one in a static location and maybe one to carry around.
One more thought. There are actually internet radios for sale. They look a lot like traditional countertop radios but operate on WIFI. A few have WIFI plus FM. I've yet to see one with AM too. You can find a fairly decent selection of these devices on Amazon and Hope that helps.
.... The CBC radio stations are just Toronto repeaters.
Not completely. Most still do a local programme early in the morning and late in the afternoon. A few also do a lunch hour show. It's not much but it does help to fill in what is happening locally.
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