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AM Radio Replacement

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Time marches on and obsolescence continues.

It's been my habit for years to listen to CBC on an AM radio while cooking or working around the house. Soon it seems, their AM broadcasts will cease in favour of streaming.

Is there a replacement gadget, internet-connected, that can be a replacement source? Presumably I can set up my smartphone to do this, but in-home wi-fi can be spotty.

So the search begins for a low-cost table-top internet streamer.
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I listen to CBC Radio every morning on my Google Home (or Nest Home now, I suppose). Works great as long as any kind of wifi can reach it. Streaming for a radio quality signal doesn't use a lot of bandwidth so it can work as long as the wifi isn't super marginal. Bluetooth speaker and your phone can also work if you have data out there.

If FM is in range, that might also be an option. I doubt it's going away.

(It honestly surprises me to hear about AM sometimes. I guess it's healthier in other markets but here in NB it's pretty much dead.)
Congress deciding to keep a technology in forced use only because lobbyists are paying them bribe money (sorry, "campaign donations") is not something to cheer about. This is the anthesis of the free market they claim to love so much.

AM is dying because fewer people use it every year, and it's now at a critical mass where car companies realize they don't have to bother with it and it's not a problem for most of their market.

What's next, getting them to force SiriusXM installations as well?
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