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AM Radio Replacement

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Time marches on and obsolescence continues.

It's been my habit for years to listen to CBC on an AM radio while cooking or working around the house. Soon it seems, their AM broadcasts will cease in favour of streaming.

Is there a replacement gadget, internet-connected, that can be a replacement source? Presumably I can set up my smartphone to do this, but in-home wi-fi can be spotty.

So the search begins for a low-cost table-top internet streamer.
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I use my google nest display or google home speaker to stream my favourite AM radio stations in my office. A radio I purchased a few years ago did not even have the AM frequency band it was only FM. The internet speaker solves this for me as it can stream it even in my basement where my AM/FM Coverage was not good to begin with
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Yeah I head about not just AM being removed but CD player too will be removed from most car radios. My father in law was given a Music CD from a relative and brought it into his car to play during his commute to work. He was shocked to discover his car radio does not have a CD player. I had to rip the tracks and save them onto a USB Mass Storage stick so then he could play it in his car.
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