Love your phone but wish your jacket was connected to the world as well? Levi’s has heard your requests and has the product you’re looking for coming soon.

Levi’s has partnered with Google to develop a smart jacket that will hit the rack this coming fall. It’s made of denim and is building on the iconic Levi’s Trucker Jacket to make it interactive.

Primarily promoted on Levi’s website as a wearable for bicyclists and others who need to ‘stay in touch while staying aware’, the piece of clothing could be an intriguing bit of fashion for any tech enthusiast.

Here’s how it works. The jacket uses something called Project Jacquard , which is technology that interweaves touch and gesture interactivity into fabric itself, allowing for every day objects from jackets to sofas to become interactive surfaces.

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Users can touch the new conductive yarn, which is attached to connectors and tiny circuits within the fabric that are all no larger than the size of a button, to stay connected.

Once the jacket is touched, data is gathered by the system and is then relayed to the wearer’s mobile phone or other electronic device.  Users can connect to apps, online services and other feature’s on their mobile devices, and get feedback via LED’s, haptics and other embedded outputs to let them know what’s up.

Levi’s states on their website that the jacket will allow users to navigate through a city and be reminded of their next turn all while permitting them to ‘stay in touch while staying aware’.

The jacket, which can be easily washed by taking the digital tag out by hand, can also remind the wearer of meaningful destinations along the way. Presumably, users can keep track of texting and calling but just how far the jacket goes, is uncertain.

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Is it the only thing like it on the market? No. Stretching the boundaries from smart watches, rings and bracelets into other realms is something new for wearables but Levis isn’t the only company striding forth on the new frontier.

Xiaomi is also in the pack. The company is said to be partnering with Intel to develop smart running shoes, to be sold in China.

The shoes will count your steps and calories burned as well as keep track of how far you’ve traveled and how fast you’re going. The smart footwear knows when you are walking, running or climbing, and comes with a smartphone app so the user can track it all and network.

Sources say that the shoes will only be sold in China. Amazingly though, the price will be about $50.00 (!) so either the shoes won’t really work, or it really is a deal worth flying to Asia for.

When it comes to Levi's jacket, keep in mind that it’s a starter package, and that both Levi’s and Google intend to build on it as time passes. Levi’s states:

“Over time additional features will be added to further make this jacket your co-pilot for life, on or off your bike.”

The Commuter Jacket will cost approximately $350USD, is will be on sale this fall.