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I know this sounds odd, but I had Aliant land line and high speed internet service for less than 24 hours. (Problems at the house I was renting but that is a different story). Was told by a CSR that although I was in a bundle and the fine print states a minimum contract period and cancellation of 30 days, he would waive the full 30 day charge since it was less than 24 hours. Well what a surprise to get the bill and see that everything was charged. Spoke with another CSR who stated that I have to pay for the full month and I would be billed another $60 for not returning the modem (the same modem that I requested a mail bag for the day I cancelled the service for which I have yet to receive.) I hate Bell but I had no choice since it was the only provider at that location in rural PEI. She said she would waive the $60 fee since I didn't receive the bag but I must pay for a full month's service and that all conversations are recorded. (Which I doubt very much) I would love to hear the first CSR conversation in which he stated that I wouldn't be billed for an entire month. Anybody else have a similar predicament?
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