Digital Home is Canada's premiere consumer electronics website attracting between 400,000 and 600,000 unique visitors monthly. In August 2011, Digital Home served up 3.27 million page views to 510,840 unique visitors.

With exclusive Canadian content and readership, this site is a destination location for new technology adopters wanting to learn about current trends or for buyers looking to get the straight goods.

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Digital Home accepts many forms of banner advertising and can work with your organization to develop sponsorship programs, promotions and contests.

Five Reasons to Advertise on Digital Home

The following are five reasons why we think you should consider advertising on Digital Home.
  1. Unique Content – our focus is on Canada unlike the technology sections on big Canadian portals which rely on syndicated content from Reuters and American press. Canadian readers continually write to Digital Home thanking us for being the only place on the web to discuss Canadian technology issues and Canadian concerns.
  2. Targeted Audience – Portals and newspaper sites deliver readers interested in reading the latest news, weather and sports headlines. Digital Home readers are on the site because of a keen interest in consumer electronics or because they are researching products in advance of a purchase.
  3. High Reach among Influencers – surveys in Canada and the U.S. consistently find that consumers seek advice from early adopters when making consumer electronics purchases. By advertising on Digital Home, you are communicating directly to the influencers in home electronics.
  4. Cost effective – advertising rates on the big portals and dedicated consumer electronics sites are sky-rocketing. Digital Home delivers a targeted audience at lower CPM’s.
  5. Top Notch Organic search results – type in your company name or product information into or Google news ( and check out the results. Add Canada to the list of keywords and try again. That’s what 90% of online consumer electronics buyers are doing every day. Are the portals or news sites showing up in those organic results? Thousands of potential buyers are landing on Digital Home everyday because they entered your product or your competitor’s product into the Google or Yahoo search engine

Ad Serving and Reporting

Digital Home use the Google ad serving platform which can easily meet the needs of small advertisers and sophisticated Fortune 500 type companies. This robust ad serving solution means Digital Home can target your ads to specific locations on the site, along with targeting visitors by IP address, day of the week, time of day and much more.

For accurate and detailed visitor information, Digital Home employs Google Analytics as our core statistical tracking package. We believe is the most accurate website traffic reporting currently available and is far more sophisticated that firms who use audience estimates from panels, surveys or downloaded "free" software.