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Adjusting geometry on a Panasonic CRT

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I couldn't find a forum for plain old CRT TVs, so I'm posting here.

The problem: the picture geometry on my Panasonic TV is screwed up.

I found a service manual on the web (not the exact TV model that I have but close enough).

Unfortunately, the manual seems to imply, and my testing confirmed, that some of the adjustments that I need (EW CORNER, EW PARABOLA and H WIDTH) are not accessible. The Channel+/- buttons only cycle from "D00" to "D0A" and back.

Can you give me a suggestion on how to fix it (or who/where to ask)?

Thank you,
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Hi alexoren,

First of all sorry I cannot offer any help with this issue. However I feel compelled to give a warning everytime I see someone discussing going into the service menu.

Now you might have done this a 100 times before and could be an expert so please don't be offended by the warning. But since this is the newcomers' forum I must assume some beginers will come and read this and want to tinker with their set and cause irrepairable damage to their TV.

So first the extreme warning.

Whatever you do, DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH THE SERVICE MENU. Please see a profesionnal to have any adjustments and modifications done. You can easily mess up your TV and will not be able to fix it again. Adjust the user settings all you want but this section is reserved for trained professionals.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way the more reserved warning:
If you feel comfortable enough to do it yourself please be very cautious.
First of all read up in detail about what you want to do and how to do it. Forums like these are great to get advice from others who have done it before.
MOST IMPORTANT: Before you make any changes WRITE DOWN THE INITIAL VALUE FOR ALL THE SETTINGS. This is very important because there is no "reset to default" or any such command to undo whatever you may have done.

Just some advice.

good luck!
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This is covered in the Digital Home FAQ (under help) on "Service Codes". A reference to that FAQ would have been easier than your long, helpful post.

I guess I should go back to basics and go through those myself!

Not used to being on forums with such great exhaustive FAQs. Shame on me for being to cocky to check out the primers.

Thanks 57!
Please note that the linked instructions give incorrect advice about exiting the service mode on Panasonics. Gave me some grief since, for a moment I thought that the TV got stuck in the service mode.

Anyway, back to my original question.
Any suggestions?
The codes can vary depending on the TV model, so if you post your model and the "correct" code/comments, then I can add that to the FAQ.

The links have been used by a lot of people and I believe they should be correct for "most" models.
The TV is a Panasonic CRT and a link to the service manual (the one I posted) should probably be the best option
Added to the FAQ, thanks.
Still no ideas on the adjustments?

Alternatively, can anyone recommend a professional who can set it up for me without costing an arm and leg?
I'm in Richmond hill, Carrville/Bathurst.
Try your USER menu

You don't mention the model # in any of your posts, alexoren. That tidbit is important.
Can you not access the geometry through the user menu?
Use your ACTION button on the remote to access the SET UP menu. In SET UP, select OTHER ADJ. and choose GEOMAGNETIC CORRECTION.
Please let us know if this helps. Good luck.
unless the Panny models are different, that usually adjusts the "tilt". It goes my different names on most Tubes but I think it just does a general tilt of the whole picture. That won't help you adjust a particular bend on a specific corner of the screen.
Yup, knowing the model number is critically important here. Is the service manual for the exact correct model of TV you have?

Sorry, the TV model is CT-27D10D and the service mode for it is different from the one that I originally found.

Changing search tactics, I managed to get the correct service manual from another site but, unfortunately, it only shows how I can adjust the vertical size via the service menu, not the horizontal size or pincushioning. So I'm kind of stuck.

The user manual is here.
There isn't always a way to adjust all these things in the service menu...some things require internal adjustment of magnets around the CRT's yoke (and even around the cabinet). These internal adjustment are generally beyond the scope of a DIY'er.
Which brings me back to post #9
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