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briefly, got optik in July. in Nov started having lock up problems. TV would freeze then internet goes down. power cycling brings back service...
they put in white pots splitter and new Actiontec.

In Dec started getting lockups again tho now its gone to once every 2wks to this week 3x so far.

what usually happens now is the TV will lock up. (like you just hit the pause button) 30sec - 1min later the internet goes down (lose connection to game)

the reason i am asking here .. to see if this makes sense to support says
"Okay They checked the line and they are showing that the modem is renewing the ip address at random and usually every 45-60 seconds which will be causing the troubles. Have you ever tried resetting the modem to it's factory defaults by pressing in the reset button on the back of the modem until all the lights go out? This will reset everything to factory defaults and may fix the issue but if not then we will need to send out a technician to replace the modem."

1- if i have been having these problems since november how will resetting the Actiontec do anything?
2- if the IP is renewing every 45sec would that not also affect internet?

usually btwn the times the screen freezes completely, i get occasional pixelation and 1sec lock ups. when that happens i check and it shows packet loss (on TV but not internet - dont ask how i know :) but i do )

if the IP is renewing as they say and i am connected to an online game. would i not be constantly losing connection to game server? Internet seems ok and when the TV pixelates and 1sec freezes i see no packloss in the game.

dont see how replacing the modem or resetting will do anything.
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