California based Actiontec Electronics said today that its multi-room wireless video transmission solution called MyWireless TV is now shipping to select retail stores.

First announced at CES in January, Actiontec claims MYWireless TV is capable of transmitting a 1080p60 3D signal up to 150ft away, with practically no latency, even through walls and floors.

The video sender is designed for to replaces the need for long runs of HDMI cables or to replace having to run HDMI cables up a wall to your new flat panel television.

"With MyWirelessTV, consumers can add a new television to virtually any room, even temporarily move an existing HDTV, without worrying about how to wire it," said Actiontec VP Mike Ehlenberger, Vice President of Channel Sales at Actiontec Electronics.

Inside the MyWireless TV Kit, which retails for $229 U.S., you’ll find a transmitter which connects to your video source; a receiver which connects to your HDTV; two HDMI cables, remote control, IR Blaster cable, IR extender cable and USB mini-adaptor which lets user operate a mouse and keyboard remotely.

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Transmitter Rear View


Receiver Rear View