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I have had a telus tech chnge the security on the modem/router to wep security and go thru the setup, which got my toshiba win xp latop to also connect. Now I have 2 PS3's, 2 laptops, 1 desktop all connected to the Actiontec.
However my Sony KDL-55EX710 TV with the Sony USB lan adaptor which connected fine on the D-link wireless modem, now will not connect. The settings say wireless device OK, but the local access and the internet access both fail, which means I am told from a Sony tech that it is a settings issue in the wireless/ modem. because the TV connects, but the modem/router won't recognize the TV or allow access.
I don't know what other settings to try. Also I've heard that using this wep security isn't the best and should stay with wpa-wpa 2 security.. I only went to it to get the older toshiba to connect. Thinking this would also solve the tv issue, but it is a new model tv so should take the new security as well.
maybe if i could find what ip addy to put in along with subnet mask and dns 1 and 2 etc. I could manually install the settings in the tv.
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