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I have the Actiontec V1000 modem, with Optik TV.

To this, i wish to add 2 wireless routers, a nas, and a backup drive (Mac time machine). One of the wireless routers could be the actiontec itself, or the apple airport extreme used for backups, whichever system works best.

The goal is to have one router set as a VPN router. This router uses DD-WRT firmware to run OpenVPN to connect to a non Canadian server to gain access to sites not available in Canada.

The second router (or the built in actiontec wireless) is used to connect to the internet normally, with no slowdown from the VPN.

The third connection is for a NAS system that runs as a media server, and general download location for all pcs, laptops, etc. This needs to be visible to all machines on either router.

Fourth is an apple time capsule used for backups. This would also be the second wireless router if the internal actiontec needs to be turned off. This needs to be visible to machines on either router.


Do i leave the actiontec to be the DHCP server, and somehow link both routers to it, such that the actiontec distributes all the ip's in one sub domain?

Do I run separate sub domains on each router, or each distributing ips in a different range of the same sub domain?

If i hook the vpn router to a lan port and use DMZ on it, how do i hook up the second router?

Totally confused on how to set this up so i dont get nat or speed issues.
I also assume all connections go to the LAN ports on the actiontec and nothing goes to the WAN port.
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