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Not sure if I can say where but they are available at an electronics store that has an animal its name. (also on the companies website) Two models are available with the latest the best.
If you mean Tigerdirect, they don't list the Revo anymore. But I did find couple of online places that are listed on Acer's website. Thanks.

I love mine, you should install XBMC! Amazing stuff you can do with this thing... I have my library on my main PC which is connected via LAN (not wifi). I have my main PC configured to update the library on my revo automatically once a new show has been added to a directory. I also have a shared library (mysql) so the xbmc I have installed on my laptop knows what show's have been watched and where I've paused/stopped others and resumes from that spot :)
This is exactly the setup I'm thinking of having. Good to hear it works well for you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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