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Access to popular Google services denied to some western Canadians

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Since the evening of March 3/10, Blogspot has been affected and since March 5/10, the Picassa albums have been affected.

Internet users across western Canada have been denied access to their own blogs, as well as to any pages with the word "blogger" or "blogspot" in the url. They are only able to access the pages by going through a proxy server. As of yesterday, the same demographic is now unable to access Picassa online albums as well. As of today, these same internet users are also being denied access to Google maps and Google Earth.

In discussions on google help forums, it has been determined that one major Canadian ISP, Telus, is involved, and it is impacting smaller ISP's whose traffic is routed through that one large ISP. So far, two of those smaller ISP's have been identified as Xplornet and Lyttonet.

Customers have been told by ISP techs that Google is blocking certain IP addresses. Google has said they aren't blocking anyone. Obviously, however, some sort of technical difficulty is blocking access to these pages.
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Just checked with a friend in Edmonton who is on Telus DSL, and they are able to access Google Maps fine. He is also able to access my Picasa Web albums as well.
Is your friend going through a proxy?

And sometimes these sites are accessible for some people intermittently.

Blogspot was the first service to go down, followed by Picasa web and then Google Earth and google maps. I can get to the google maps page, but the map itself won't load. Vpike also doesn't work anymore, and it used to prior to this problem starting.

I'm on xplornet, and they're being hit with this as well. Xplornet's traffic goes through Telus. Telus high speed and dialup customers are affected.
No problems with Google Maps or any blogspot blogs here with Telus ADSL in Calgary.
If you are still having issues accessing Google Maps, what happens when you try this URL?

Also, are you using the regular DNS settings provided by Telus/Xplorenet, or something else like Google DNS or OpenDNS?
I would tend to side with BGY11's last remark. It seems to me like a DNS server issue. Here in Ontario, Rogers' DNS servers are legendary for being crappy and often not resolving requests to Google.
I'm on Telus here in Edmonton and can confirm I dont have any of these issues.
I am happy to report that google services have been fully restored. Things have been running correctly for about 4 to 5 hours now.

We have no idea what happened, as neither google nor Telus has offered any explanation at all.

DNS server thing? I don't know. I know what my DNS servers are and they never changed. Nothing that any individual computer user did caused this. This was widespread and affected 3 different ISP's, all going through one of those ISP's, which was Telus. That is the factor we all had in common.

However, we don't know if the issue was Telus or google, as no one has said anything. To me it just looks like someone changed a setting somewhere and it messed up things for a lot of people who all happened to be connected to Telus, either directly or indirectly.

I posted because I was reading reports of so many people spending hours on the phone with tech support going through all these pointless trouble shooting steps and getting their IP's changed, and ISP techs saying that Google was blocking a lot of IP's due to complaints, and then Google was saying they weren't blocking any IP's. It was just ridiculous.

Enough people gathered on a message board and complained, we all realized the one commonality here, which turned out to be that we all had some connection to Telus. This resulted in Telus and Google talking to each other and somewhere in that process, things got fixed. That's about all we know, so we are grateful to whoever got that done. :)

Thanks for the feedback, and it is worthwhile to know that not ALL Telus customers across the west were affected. I wonder if it was just those going through a Telus IP in BC? (I'll bet if we had all posted tracerts, that would have shown something interesting.)
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