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There are other threads on this topic if you search but to answer your question .. no

atleast not directly. i do it by using a separate piece of hardware and software to strip out the commercials and a 3rd piece of hardware to view what i saved.

1- a Happauge HD PVR. connects to the cisco by component and to computer by USB. i play whats on the tv or from the pvr and record to computer.

2- VideoRedo H.264 ..that removes commercials and also black bars (letterbox -pillar box) if you wish.

3- playback with a WDLive - either from computer over the network or from a stand alone WD Elements external hard drive.

and because i like to have a "jukebox" style of keeping my movie collection. i use a program called DVDfab .. i copy to computer. transfer to the WD element and now have all my dvds at my finger tips.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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