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About to buy a PS3

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We're planning on purchasing a PS3 this week. It's primary use will be for watching discs and streaming video with some gaming. Now that I started looking at what the big box stores offer I am not sure what it is I am suppose to focus in on.

The game titles mean nothing to me. I don't mean that I am not interested, it just is that I have no idea what to expect or what is good. I've played Halo on a friend's xbox back in 2005 and arcade games in the 80's.

There are different hard drive sizes. I don't know if this is important or not but I do know there are different prices depending on the hdd size.

Some come packaged with a remote but it doesn't appear to function with TV's (I have an LG LCD). Is a remote needed?

They appear to come with one controller. I would prefer two. Do these packages come sealed from the factory or do the stores make their own bundles that they would be willing to swap a game for a controller?

Thanks for the input.
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Well, that's how they got into the gaming market in the first place, isn't it? What was the system-seller for the XBox? Halo, a property that MS went out and purchased.
I find it interesting that people ascribe evil intent in Microsoft's deal with IBM here. When I read those stories I just see it as a business deal like any other. It's not like the PowerPC line of chips was Sony's IP or anything - it was IBM's to sell.

Microsoft may stick the knife into their competitors, but at least Microsoft has not stooped to Sony's level when it comes to directly attacking customers with a root kit. Just saying.
Should I go with a 2nd PS3 or 1st XBOX 360?

I am thinking of getting new TV this winter and want to put an HD game console on it. I currently have a WII and PS3 on my Panasonic 42" 1080p but want to move the PS3 to the new TV as I will use it as my main television including watching most movies.

With the old TV, I want to hook something up, but cannot decide between a second PS3 or go with an XBOX 360. While the PS3 has the Blu-ray, I am not opposed to going with a cheaper Blu-ray player along side the XBOX.

Is it worth going with a late adoption of the "other" console, or just stick with what I have? I will not be rebuying any games I already own, but I will get access to the exclusives I missed out on. I am interested in the Halo Anniversary edition coming out soon and playing Mass Effect 1 plus a lot of the XBOX Live exclusive games.

The downside is I will lose the ability to play the same game using either console.

Constructive advice would be appreciated, but I would like to avoid this becoming the typical fanboy debate on which system is better.

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Get a 360, then you can enjoy all the great exclusive games that both consoles have to offer.
I'm with eimaj. I happen to own a PS3, so I am biased towards them. However, Shiningblade did mention that he already has one, just wants to put it somewhere else.

If I was in his shoes, I'd get an Xbox 360, so that I could enjoy both units at will.

Didn't somebody in Digital Home say that the winner of the console wars is a person that buys both units? I'm still waiting for Nintendo to come out with an HD version of the WII.
If there are 360 exclusives you're interested in absolutely get the 360. The only considerations are if you are willing to shell out $50 a year to play those exclusives online as we are primarily talking about games that require online play. Halo, Gears of War etc. Exceptions would be Kinect games if you were to get it and Alan Wake. I'm sure someone will slap me if I'm wrong but I don't think the 360 has many exclusive, big titles that are single player. Does Forza count or is playing Forza offline kinda like being a eunuch?
Apple Time Capsule and PS3

Can I connect a PS3 to my Apple Time Capsule and get it to stream media such as AVI and MKV files?
No, not from the Time Capsule, but you can use a program like PS3MediaServer (which is free) running on a computer to stream those files to the PS3.
Thanks for the response.

I'm not trying to be rude, but out of curiosity, why not? I currently have the LG Smart TV Upgrader box and that works. My main purpose is to minimize the amount of toys under the TV. If I can combine the blu-ray and media streamer into one toy (the PS3), then I could get rid of some clutter.


The PS3 doesn't support nearly as many codecs/container formats as a general purpose computer can. PS3MediaServer simply transcodes (and/or remuxes) content from formats like MKV that the PS3 doesn't support to formats that it does support.

I have no doubt that a PS3 could technically support all those formats and provide a clean solution, but Sony is unwilling to put the software development effort into doing this in the same way that "media streamer" vendors do. Media Streamer means stuff like Boxee Box or Popcorn Hour, which support a wide range of formats.

Unfortunately, due to the closed nature of game consoles, 3rd parties software developers cannot fix the problem by adding software to support all those formats without Sony's blessing.

This is one reason why people who want "one box to do it all" often end up building/buying a HTPC.
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got to becareful using ps3 media server as well, it transcodes and uses a lot of processing power
its fine for steaming lower quality 720p compressed mkv's(1.5gb for an hour), use it for tv shows all the time, since I'm down to 1 working pvr in my house

if you want to stream high quality full 1080p with true 5.1 mkv's (5+gb for an hour) i run into issues,
my desktop has as a Core 2 Quad Q8300 with 8gb of ram and it struggles to transcode high quality mkv's,
rewinding and even pausing video can cause it to crash,

when i used to stream from my laptop, it would get so hot i had to space it off the table and put a fan on it
even then the stream would crash if i streamed for much more than an hour and a half (i streamed off my laptop so I could get true 5.1 using optical to my receiver)

lowering the quality of the transcodes can fix these problems, then whats the point of having a big screen with big sound, and even top quality mkv's are junk compared to an actual blu-ray

I am considering a 3rd ps3 for my bedroom, right now I just hook my laptop to my tv via hdmi, but I like to surf when I watch tv, so the ps3 would be nice, plus blu-rays is always a bonus
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I'm not trying to be rude, but out of curiosity, why not?
The PS3 either uses a DLNA connection (like ps3mediaserver) or local files copied to the HD. It lacks the networking ability to connect to your time capsule and mount the drive. Also, the PS3 doesn't play MKV files unless you stream them using ps3mediaserver.
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