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About to buy a PS3

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We're planning on purchasing a PS3 this week. It's primary use will be for watching discs and streaming video with some gaming. Now that I started looking at what the big box stores offer I am not sure what it is I am suppose to focus in on.

The game titles mean nothing to me. I don't mean that I am not interested, it just is that I have no idea what to expect or what is good. I've played Halo on a friend's xbox back in 2005 and arcade games in the 80's.

There are different hard drive sizes. I don't know if this is important or not but I do know there are different prices depending on the hdd size.

Some come packaged with a remote but it doesn't appear to function with TV's (I have an LG LCD). Is a remote needed?

They appear to come with one controller. I would prefer two. Do these packages come sealed from the factory or do the stores make their own bundles that they would be willing to swap a game for a controller?

Thanks for the input.
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Which would you buy if you had neither at the moment?
For me, both is the only answer,

if you didn't have either I would go with PS3 out of pure versitility, Bluray. media player. gaming and the online is free,

I'm a hardcore online gamer, mainly FPS, 360 is the only way to go,
IN MY OPINION Live blows the doors off the playstation network, especially when it comes to speed and reliability, there are a few features when it comes to partys that PS3 doesn't have as well,
I've always had party problems with PS3, I also find with fps's, xbox has a bit more competition when it comes to skill and ability, my KD's on PS3 are always a fair bit higher than on 360,

the $60 a year for Live wouldn't be worth it if you weren't right into gaming, and chances are if you don't have either yet, you aren't that into gaming
I READ IT ,HE SAID XBOX IS HARDCORE GAMING while ps3 is casual PFFFFFFFFFF,it better be better your paying for it!!I have no issues playing online with ps3 dedicated servers ,only thing i can;t do is cross game chat ,big deal!
actually you didn't read what I said at all,

I said "I'm a hardcore online gamer" not xbox is hardcore gaming

I was very specifc to mention fps as well,

towards the posts about the controllers on the 2 systems, I know a lot of people that prefer the ps3 controller over the 360, and most have 1 thing in common, smaller to average size hands, my fists are like lunch boxes, the ps3 controller is far to small for me, I have to hold the controller with my fingers, where the xbox controller rests in my palms, and IMO it could be a bit bigger
sorry I assumed you were talking to me since you didn't quote and I was the only person who used the word "hardcore" ;)
I prefer to buy PS due to some reasons
1. Home & Little Big Planet
2. Free Online
3. 50 GB games
5. Standard HDD
6. PS3 Has a Major CPU Advantage
xbox has had hdmi for a very long time
got to becareful using ps3 media server as well, it transcodes and uses a lot of processing power
its fine for steaming lower quality 720p compressed mkv's(1.5gb for an hour), use it for tv shows all the time, since I'm down to 1 working pvr in my house

if you want to stream high quality full 1080p with true 5.1 mkv's (5+gb for an hour) i run into issues,
my desktop has as a Core 2 Quad Q8300 with 8gb of ram and it struggles to transcode high quality mkv's,
rewinding and even pausing video can cause it to crash,

when i used to stream from my laptop, it would get so hot i had to space it off the table and put a fan on it
even then the stream would crash if i streamed for much more than an hour and a half (i streamed off my laptop so I could get true 5.1 using optical to my receiver)

lowering the quality of the transcodes can fix these problems, then whats the point of having a big screen with big sound, and even top quality mkv's are junk compared to an actual blu-ray

I am considering a 3rd ps3 for my bedroom, right now I just hook my laptop to my tv via hdmi, but I like to surf when I watch tv, so the ps3 would be nice, plus blu-rays is always a bonus
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1 - 5 of 73 Posts
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