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About to buy a PS3

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We're planning on purchasing a PS3 this week. It's primary use will be for watching discs and streaming video with some gaming. Now that I started looking at what the big box stores offer I am not sure what it is I am suppose to focus in on.

The game titles mean nothing to me. I don't mean that I am not interested, it just is that I have no idea what to expect or what is good. I've played Halo on a friend's xbox back in 2005 and arcade games in the 80's.

There are different hard drive sizes. I don't know if this is important or not but I do know there are different prices depending on the hdd size.

Some come packaged with a remote but it doesn't appear to function with TV's (I have an LG LCD). Is a remote needed?

They appear to come with one controller. I would prefer two. Do these packages come sealed from the factory or do the stores make their own bundles that they would be willing to swap a game for a controller?

Thanks for the input.
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mr.steevo, definitely buy that bundle at Future Shop. It's the best deal I've seen for a long time.

Don't concern yourself with the motion controllers just yet; you'll get lots of use out of the main system with that bundle, and you can add the motion controllers later.
Burn to DVD? You can easily stream files from a computer to a PS3 - no need to burn anything to disc.
I.m still awaiting uncharted 3 ,preordered it months ago ,am I the only one still waiting?
*sigh* No... you're not the only one. I ordered it from in April, and got an email saying it was shipped on Nov 1, with scheduled delivery of Nov 4 (today). Unfortunately when I look at the UPS tracking, it shows that a shipping label has been created, but they aren't in possession of the actual package. While I'm annoyed, I have a ton of other games I haven't played yet.
Well, that's how they got into the gaming market in the first place, isn't it? What was the system-seller for the XBox? Halo, a property that MS went out and purchased.
No, not from the Time Capsule, but you can use a program like PS3MediaServer (which is free) running on a computer to stream those files to the PS3.
I'm not trying to be rude, but out of curiosity, why not?
The PS3 either uses a DLNA connection (like ps3mediaserver) or local files copied to the HD. It lacks the networking ability to connect to your time capsule and mount the drive. Also, the PS3 doesn't play MKV files unless you stream them using ps3mediaserver.
1 - 7 of 73 Posts
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