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I just saw this on Youtube, didn't now this show existed. Apparently it aired its first show 2 weeks ago on ABC. Here is what the show is about and part 1 of episode 1... Thoughts anyone?

Pro wrestler Chris Jericho is willing to take hits in the ring but will be playing it safe as host of ABC's new game show "Downfall."

"Downfall" is staged atop a 10-story downtown Los Angeles building, with contestants vying for prizes and up to $1 million cash by taking a trivia quiz. Players face the risk of being pushed off the roof — strapped into a decelerator harness — if they lose.

Jericho is on the rooftop, too, but tethered to a platform to avoid an unexpected trip.

In the six episode, one-hour weekly series the show's setup includes a huge conveyer belt that sends replicas of prizes, up to and including cars, as well as contestants' personal mementos crashing to the street.

It Airs Tuesday nights on ABC, CTV -- 9 p.m.
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