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A/V Receiver HDMI Input (Computer) Question

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I want to connect my Laptop to my Panny Plasma through my Yamaha RX-V1800. I have 2 HDMI Inputs left, DVD and DVR. Has anyone done this, is it safe to, and second is one preferred over the other?
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Okay, thanks guys... I'll be programming my Harmony 1100 to select the right input etc.
Well, almost everything went as planned. I added a generic activity (PC) then updated my remote. It got to 90% then it stopped and a message popped up that said "You have unplugged or Ejected..." blah blah blah. Well, my remote is now pooched. I've gone through all the Logitech and online troubleshooting and nothing has helped revive it. I e-mailed Logitech, waiting for a reply.

My other question, (not exactly sure where to post it) is now that I've got my PC running through my A/V R, the display doesn't properly fit on my Plasma. My notebook is a Toshiba L675. Display System Specs. are as follows: Native LCD Panel Resolution: 1600x900x16.7 million colours. External Support and Max. Colour Support (dependent On CRT): Up to 2,048 x 1536 x 16.7 million colours. I've tried adjusting the resolution but I can't find where to adjust the output resolution.
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A follow up on my Logitech remote... They're shipping me a new Harmony 1100 under warranty. Great customer service from these guys! :D
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