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A tale of two TV's

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im thinking of finally getting an HDTV and there are two that i have my eye on.

Panasonic 42" 1080p Plasma TCP42U2

Sony Bravia 120hz 1080p LCD KDL40EX500
Both for 800$

any advice? the set will mostly be used for gaming on my 360, and some light tv/movie watching. my only real concern with the LCD is that ive heard that the 120 and 240hz refresh rates can cause problems when gaming. other than that i'm just looking for the best tv for my situation, for around $800. after hours of researching i still dont quite know whats right for me
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That sony tv should have a game mode that you can use. It is what i use on my Sammy led lcd for games and it works great for reducing video processing lag by turning off the processing that is not needed.
is there any advantage to having plasma over lcd or visa versa these days? or is it just preference mostly
Just do an lcd vs. plasma search here on this forum and you will get many opinions for and against either tech. I personally chose a backlit local dimming led lcd because I found it suited my purpose of wanting deep deep black levels, and I didn't want to have to exercise my set with alternating programming because I do long stretches of gaming and watching letterbox movies which can lead to image retention, of which you have to utilize programming that does not use static images (gaming) or black bars in order to remove the image retention. Also, if you are not cognizant or neglect the image retention situation, this can lead to irreversible burn in, of which the Panasonics and Pioneers (not being produced any more) seem to be the most resistant to ir/bi as of right now. Something you do not have to worry about with lcd.
is there any advantage to having plasma over lcd or visa versa these days? or is it just preference mostly
Try reading the plasma vs LCD link that was provided in your previous thread! Although the thread may have started a while back, the information it contains is relevant and there were postings into 2010.

The reason there are threads and FAQs is so that the same question doesn't need to be addressed over and over.
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