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I thought you might be interested in the future Android TV IPTV set-top box that will be launched by Telus.

The box is called the 'Sapphire' at Technicolor and is/will be used by some operators like Com Hem, Proximus, Etisalat, Bouygues, Cogeco and WOW!.

So the code name is UIW4020TLU, as you can see from the Bluetooth certification website.
Both Cogeco and Telus will have the same Technicolor hardware but with different software.
Cogeco chose Mediakind whereas Telus chose TiVo (the info is coming from a very good source).

The box is based on Android TV 9.0, has a quad-core BCM7271 Broadcom processor and will be much faster than the PikTV (also on Android TV).
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