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9241 plugged directly into the wall outlet

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I had the 9241 plugged into an APC Power Supply but it kept on rebooting itself through the PVR part because there were other electronics plugged into the same Power Supply. Is there a way of protecting the 9241 other than plugging it into the wall to have a dedicated power bar such as the Monster Power Bar and then plugged into the wall? This is in case of power surges and spikes that can happen and you never know even though the 9241 is under rental. If it does get burned out by being plugged directly into the wall it could take a few days for it to be replaced with another one and can't watch Bell Satellite TV when that happens. Please let me know about this. Thanks in advance.
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Are you talking about a UPS or a power bar? What is the model number? What else do you have plugged into it? If it's a UPS, you should plug any high power draw items (like a TV, AVR or sub) into the surge only side and small draw items like the PVR and power inserter into the battery protected side.
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