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Must reset after shutting off TV...

This must be a common problem. I have a Sony Bravia connected to my 9241 via HDMI. When I looked last night, I was at V235.

I know there are problems with HDMI, but I've looked through the threads and haven't found a solution or a similar situation to mine.

Whenever I power down the TV (even for a few seconds), I have to reset the PVR to get a signal when I power on the TV.

I've called the support line multiple times. I've had the original PVR returned and replaced. Same problems.

I bought this thing expecting it to work out of the box. However, I think I've made a serious mistake in not researching this PoC further.

Any suggestions? I really like the picture it produces and have owned a Bell PVR for many years.


(Just read back through the threads and noticed a lot of HDMI problems. I will switch to component and complain to Bell -- bad Bell)
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