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screen weirdness


I hesitated to post this because it's rather strange. Coincident with receiving the v236 software, I started getting picture ghosting on the TV (40" Samsung LCD). The ghosting is like image burn-in, except it's not permanent. It shows clearly when I change channels, retaining a ghost of the previous picture on the black screen before the new channel shows, and a ghost of the info banner on the black edges of an SD screen. Sometimes that banner stays visible on that SD screen edge, or it fades in some seconds. Another example: changing to a Galaxy channel, the previous channel's picture is there as a ghost, and as the Galaxy banner moves around the screen, a ghost of the banner stays; leaves a trail, in other words. If I turn off the TV, then back on, the screen is nicely black again and no banner trail is drawn. The ghost images, I should say, are in grey shades. This doesn't seem like it's a problem with my TV; doesn't happen with other inputs, and this never happened before v236. Anybody else experiencing this? Thanks!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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