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890 troubles...shocking!

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I have one activity set up on my 890Pro (Watch TV) fine. Now, I'm trying to add "Listen to Music"...I've added my receiver under devices. Unfortunetly, this P.O.S remote won't let me run the set-up without including my cable box or Samsung TV??!!! Why does one want to change channels with either to listen to music via a receiver?? Retarded!

I can't seem to get rid of the cable box or TV to set up this one function...receiver only!! Can someone tell me what I need to do??

I despise Logitech more & more with every mouse click!!!
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If you've already added this activity, just select it on the 'Activities' page and delete it (click on the trashcan). Then select 'Add Activity'.

When it prompts you for 'Type of Activity', click 'Listen to Music'.

When it prompts you for subcategories, select the one that makes sense - e.g. 'Listen to Radio (AV Receiver, Tuner)' instead of 'Listen to Music (Digital Cable, Satellite TV).

When you finish the setup, it will only prompt you for which receiver to use (if you have more than one under devices).
I tried all the options incl. Listen to radio etc. Everytime it tells me I have the cablebox & TV as devices, and asks me if I want to change channels with the TV or Cable box!! Insane!

All I want to do is setup an activity to listen to radio/phono through the only amp in the chain...

If the original remote wasn't discarded years ago, I'd learn how to punch it in manually...DOH!
Seems to have worked...for now!!

Next question...since I've been able to reprogram this remote for a different purpose, the problem I've been having recently must be with my RF ext. in that case. Is there any way to make certain it's the problem? I've reset it, updated everything etc. I'm still not 100%. If anyone knows of a simple test, pleez lemme know!
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