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8300HD Problem - Weird Numbers in Display????

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Hey Guys,

Recently bought a used 8300HD that claims to be never been used but when I hook it up, I don't hear the hard drive start up and once I press the power button, I get all these weird letters and numbers show up continuously changing on the front display. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be? Is it a hard drive issue? I had even called Videotron before hand to verify the serial number and even Videotron has confirmed that, that unit has never been activated before.

Any idea's?

Thanks alot

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The hexadecimal junk you see on the display is the OS upgrade. It should normally take up to a maximum of 20 minutes. Just plug the cable in to the receiver, plug the power, and let it run for a while (go do something else while waiting, do NOT unplug it!)

If after 1 hour it's still doing it's OS upgrade over and over, plug your terminal in another cable outlet in the house, preferably closer to the main cable entrance point. Otherwise, call the technical support service so they'll send a tech to verify the signal or change the box.
Defective unit, could be the power or data ribbon or the printed circuit.

Call Technical Support Service for a technician visit who will exchange the box.

Opening the box will void your warranty.
The warranty starts at the date of first activation date, not at purchase date from original owner. So it may sound "used", but from Videotron's computers it's a brand new PVR that was left on a shelf for years.

Since the techs are not opening the cover in front of the customer, they'll simply exchange the machine when it's still under warranty, otherwise an offer could be made to sell you a used PVR.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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