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8300 PVR Randomly Records Fox

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I didn't see this specific query in the search engine, so I hope it's ok to post here.

My PVR will, on occasion, start taping Fox shows for no reason (non HD Fox).
You cannot cancel the recording, and it doesn't save the show on the
menu list.

Frustrating, because it will take priority over my own chosen recordings
and cancel out one of my two selections.

I never record Fox on HD or any other affiliates because of known problems
with the network.

A cold reboot will cure the issue, for perhaps a week or so.

Should I exchange my PVR, or is this just something you live with?

Thanks in advance.
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You could try to format the system, it will clear out all of your settings, timers, erase saved shows etc and might clear up the phantom recordings.

If you are going to swap it, you will lose all your saved shows and settings anyway, so it might be something to try.
Have a look in the scheduled recordings list. There might be a "phantom" entry there, that is a Fox show that used to be on at a particular time but isn't on any more. Delete any that you see. Also try scheduling Fox records all evening then go back and delete them. This may clean out any that are still there or may show conflicts that will allow you to delete them as well. Worth a shot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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