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This morning I connected my brand-new (not refurbished) 830. I got a 60 Hz slight hum from my TV set after I powered up the 830. I have never had that problem with anything I've connected to the TV. I guessed that it was a ground-loop problem so I plugged the TV into the same power bar as the 830. End of problem. Shaw Direct may wish to consider that if a customer calls in with that problem.

I expected drama, based on my previous refurb 630 problems. Nope, the activation went without drama. :) I really like the new guide that provides show Season# and Episode#.

My only little quibble is the connection instructions that came in the box. It says not to press any buttons until the "blue light" goes off and the 830 restarts. It never happened; all it needed was a refresh.

As a side note, the problem with my now going-to-the-dump 630 was that only WGN acted as if it was not subscribed although I have always been subscribed. My 600 continued to receive WGN. I went thru hoops with Shaw Direct and finally most of the channels on the 630 disappeared. That's it! Warranty or not, I don't want to fool with another 630 refurb so I ordered the 830. Glad I did.

Another side note, the online MY ACCOUNT does not show WGN as being subscribed. My wife told me NOT to call or CHAT Shaw about it. Don't fix what ain't broke.
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Sept 29, 12:05 PM Eastern – Just got a big notice on the TV screen asking if I want to install an update that would take about 2 hours. The option was to install now or dismiss for a Wednesday 2:30 AM install.

I have never seen such a notice from a 530 or 630. I thought that it was Samsung wanting an update to the TV set, but I have never allowed the set access to our internet.

The notice should have said that it was a SHAW DIRECT 830 update notice! 🙄
On my 830, when I click on GUIDE, I like that the temperature in my area is now listed. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
The 830 does not have the capability to make temperature conversions.

The 830 guide does not show temperatures; just date, time, and channel listings.
If you mean the Weather Network, it is not possible for the satellite viewer to change the temperatures format being broadcast.

I also prefer Fahrenheit to Celsius. You might try the online Weather Network website. That website offers an easy click to convert its display of temperatures between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
The last firmware update added the local weather to the guide when your 830 has internet access.
Thanks, I did not know that. I have not allowed internet access to the 830.
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I assume that the location of my ISP node would be the location used by Shaw Direct to provide weather information. My assumption is based on my experience when I shop online, those businesses believe that I live many kilometers from my actual location. So much for rural life...
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Wacky 830. The last few weeks when I press the 830 skip back button on a recorded show, the picture would stutter and sound would stop, but the video would continue OR it would stutter and then the sound would go to descriptive audio. After 20 seconds or so it would go back to normal audio and video.

This morning the audio went completely out on channel 422. I checked with our 600 and all was fine with the 600 on that channel.

I warm re-started the 830. The audio and video was then fine on channel 422.
Wacky 830. Once in a while, after changing channels a small static fragment of the previous show will appear over the new channel. Changing the channel and changing the channel back again clears the fragment.
Can an 830 run in single tuner mode?
Quoting from Page 31 - Shaw Direct Satellite TV - User Guide
Version 2. 3 – Adara GA Last Updated: October 2017

Essential HD Receiver (HDDSR 800)
Advanced HDPVR (HD PVR 830)

User Manual PDF download

4G. Single Tuner Mode.
If you are unable to run two satellite lines from your dish to your PVR, you can enable “Single Tuner Mode.” This turns your dual tuner PVR into a single tuner PVR. When single tuner mode is active you can:
•Record one program while watching a previously recorded program
•Record one program and watch it live at the same time
•Record one program while watching a title on Shaw Direct On Demand

To enable Single Tuner Mode, press OPTIONS and select “Preferences”. Navigate to the Tuners & Storage header and enable “Single Tuner Mode”. You must follow the prompts to reboot your HDPVR to enable the setting.
Note that the working satellite line must be connected to SAT1 on the back of your HDPVR.
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The 830 has two tuners. Connect the single cable to the connector marked SAT 1.
Yes, the 830 can do that.
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Here is an example of a fragment of another channel overlaying a small portion of an active channel.
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I'm thinking about trading in my 630 receiver for 830 is worth doing ?
No. Keep the 630 if the 630 has enough disk space for your shows and have no problems.
No other issues, you just cannot record and watch two different shows at the same time.

What other issues would I run into potentially with running it as a single tuner?
Has anyone with an 830 have the same occasional glitch: small black rectangle with a word or two in white that is from a Closed Caption? {see post #17}

I watch mostly CNN and that is where I see it. Changing channels and back clears the CC artifact?

Is it just my 830? I would like to know if all 830's have this glitch and if a software update would fix it.

More annoying is when watching a British show while using CC the sound will go out sometimes when I skip back 30 seconds.
January 27, 2021 around 9AM ET, no audio on channel 422 A&E on the 830. Video OK. Other channels audio and video OK.
I called my neighbor with a 630. He said audio and video both OK on A&E.
I restarted the 830 from the button on the panel. Sound returned.

Audio outages also with CNN. I just let time pass with CNN which restores the audio.

Software or Hardware glitch on the 830?
I am looking forward to firmware version 70.27. I hope that it will swat some bugs in my 830 that may be related to firmware.

I have 35 episodes of Crave's "Dexter" in the can, but too busy to actually watch them yet. Nice to know that I could transfer my recorded shows to a replacement machine if the old 830 is operable.

Thank you for the advance notice. We appreciate your participation in this group. (y)
Firmware version 70.27 will be rolling out next week
... various troubleshooting related tweaks have been made...
Small matter easily rectified when viewing live TV, the very occasional persistent small black rectangle with a few letters appearing until any change to channel is made by the remote.

Outerwear Television presenter Coat News Television program
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Small matter easily rectified when viewing live TV, the very occasional persistent small black rectangle with a few letters appearing until any change to channel is made by the remote.

View attachment 12220
Firmware version 70.27 will be rolling out next week

various troubleshooting related tweaks have been made
I discovered an interesting thing yesterday. When I skip forward while watching a recording of PBS Seattle, the recording will sometimes end and is not be able to be watched again.

I was able to recover a show this time. I watched the show (no skipping) up to just before the minute of discombobulation AND viewing the play recording progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

The show will continue normally, but the progress bar remains stuck at the minute of discombobulation. No progress on the progress bar. There is a disconnect between the time keeping function and the content of the show.

It seems to occur mostly with PBS.
Yesterday afternoon while watching a movie recording on my 830, a screen appeared giving me the option to install firmware version 70.27 at that time or at 2AM. I chose the immediate time. All went well. :)

I like that screen that announced the options to install and I like the progress screen while downloading. I saw no visible change to the operation of the 830 - which is good.

I hoped for a bug swat that would cure the audio/video synchronization problem. While viewing that recorded movie, I used the skipping back button to review a scene, as sometimes happens, the video played with no audio for 3 or 4 seconds then a screen jitter and back to normal a/v synch. Oh well.

Based on that disappointment, I expect that my 830 will continue to get seriously out of A/V synch occasionally when watching my recorded Seattle PBS U.K. shows. I don't know if the problem is with the channel, the data stream from Shaw Direct, or my 830 hardware. :(
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