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This morning I connected my brand-new (not refurbished) 830. I got a 60 Hz slight hum from my TV set after I powered up the 830. I have never had that problem with anything I've connected to the TV. I guessed that it was a ground-loop problem so I plugged the TV into the same power bar as the 830. End of problem. Shaw Direct may wish to consider that if a customer calls in with that problem.

I expected drama, based on my previous refurb 630 problems. Nope, the activation went without drama. :) I really like the new guide that provides show Season# and Episode#.

My only little quibble is the connection instructions that came in the box. It says not to press any buttons until the "blue light" goes off and the 830 restarts. It never happened; all it needed was a refresh.

As a side note, the problem with my now going-to-the-dump 630 was that only WGN acted as if it was not subscribed although I have always been subscribed. My 600 continued to receive WGN. I went thru hoops with Shaw Direct and finally most of the channels on the 630 disappeared. That's it! Warranty or not, I don't want to fool with another 630 refurb so I ordered the 830. Glad I did.

Another side note, the online MY ACCOUNT does not show WGN as being subscribed. My wife told me NOT to call or CHAT Shaw about it. Don't fix what ain't broke.
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A WiFi connection will be required, for both units.
WiFi, or just networked? My receivers are hard-wired to my LAN. I can't imagine why WiFi would specifically be required.
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Got the update on my two 830s, but curiously I can't find anything anywhere related to transferring recordings. The feature also isn't mentioned in the release notes. Looks like it didn't make the cut. :-(
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Ugh, that's a little klunky. I'll have to write a macro for the Harmony remote. Hopefully next update the UI will be moved into the mainstream portions. But I'll play with it for now, thanks.
Also, depending on which remote you have, for me it's Menu->Preferences->78768. I don't have an "Options" button on the remote I pulled out of the "remote graveyard" in the basement. ;-)
Thanks for the feedback! Totally a fair point. I'm honestly not sure why they chose to make it hidden (I moved on from Product Development last year, but stay involved as kind of an "everything satellite" person) so I'll inquire!
As I think of it, the primary intent of this particular feature is clear. It was likely devised as a way for a customer to obtain a warranty refurb replacement for a dying 830 and migrate their recordings from the old one. At first I couldn't figure out why the transfer was a "move" rather than a "copy", and then the answer hit me. So for that, it's going to be popular, and a good start.
For the rest of us, what we want is simple (to describe, perhaps not to do): allow us to record on one box, but watch the recordings on another. This is a start along that path, but hopefully will be taken to the next step in the future. :)
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I am having trouble getting the HDPVR830 PVR to work. Doesn't seem to be getting the proper program guide information for scheduling the PVR, and it misses all the schedules. It does have the correct program guide/times, etc when just watching TV though the unit.
Satellite signals are over 90% so it "should" be downloading the guide information.
Tried several re-boots and looked for items in the menu that might affect this. No luck so far.
Any ideas how to fix this?
Log into your ShawDirect account, and there's a link/button there to get the system to "rehit" your receivers. That takes a few minutes to happen, but typically solves problems like this. If that doesn't work, you'll probably have to call in.
Does anyone have any background on this or am I doomed to re-enter all of my recording settings?
Yep, been there, done that. Let the clicking begin...

What's worse is that in order to enter a recording, the show/movie/whatever actually needs to be in the guide. So if you're like me and have about 40 series programmed in, only the currently-active ones can be re-added. So you'll need to make a list and go back every month or so for a year or two until they eventually show up again.
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The issue was a perfectly clear picture freezing, along with the sound, then continuing. There was no 'break up' such as one sees when the signal fades. This freezing also became evident on previously watched, know to be good recorded shows.
I'm seeing this too, and it seems to be getting worse. In some cases it's almost as if the recording is being paused/played. I'm not sure if I'm seeing so much "live", but I am seeing the shorter glitches and audio dropouts, seemingly worse on some channels. But it's sporadic enough that I can't pin down times/channels yet.
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