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This morning I connected my brand-new (not refurbished) 830. I got a 60 Hz slight hum from my TV set after I powered up the 830. I have never had that problem with anything I've connected to the TV. I guessed that it was a ground-loop problem so I plugged the TV into the same power bar as the 830. End of problem. Shaw Direct may wish to consider that if a customer calls in with that problem.

I expected drama, based on my previous refurb 630 problems. Nope, the activation went without drama. :) I really like the new guide that provides show Season# and Episode#.

My only little quibble is the connection instructions that came in the box. It says not to press any buttons until the "blue light" goes off and the 830 restarts. It never happened; all it needed was a refresh.

As a side note, the problem with my now going-to-the-dump 630 was that only WGN acted as if it was not subscribed although I have always been subscribed. My 600 continued to receive WGN. I went thru hoops with Shaw Direct and finally most of the channels on the 630 disappeared. That's it! Warranty or not, I don't want to fool with another 630 refurb so I ordered the 830. Glad I did.

Another side note, the online MY ACCOUNT does not show WGN as being subscribed. My wife told me NOT to call or CHAT Shaw about it. Don't fix what ain't broke.
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Yes it's hard to see how removing the clock, signal and recording lights on the from panel is considered an "improvement". Agree the 830 is quicker and larger capacity. But why remove those other features? To save a couple of bucks?
Not to mention losing component outputs and the analog hole…
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I believe the removal of the 630's popular front panel information and clock display was done as a business decision to save money in the manufacture of the 830 and to keep the retail cost down.
Because a clock and a light on Alibaba cost $5
I was just forced to get an 830 to replace my 630. I was told by the phone rep. that the 830 does not have the ability to use an external drive. I have found via the owners manual that it in fact can use a drive.

I have an external drive connected to my 630. Will I lose all of my recordings when I connect it to the 830?
Can you describe the process of how you were 'forced'? I'm a bit slow here...thanks
Bought this to make up for the lack of component outputs on the 830. Seems to work well - two TVs off a single HDMI port.

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HDCP problems of any kind?
What's the activation process for 800 series boxes - just plug them in after receiving them from Shaw and wait? Do you have to leave it on a specific channel, or do any manual commands - the manual I found wasn't exactly clear on this
We got our 830 going at the Cabin and all was well for the first few days. But it has acted up a couple of times. Once it outputted video but no audio, and then after turning it off and then back on, it outputted nothing. The second time we just changed channels and nothing was outputted. Switching it off and on did nothing. I finally did a hard reboot (removed power for 60 seconds, and then powered it up) and it acted fine. I'm thinking we won't be able to live with this once Football Season (CFL) is upon us. This box may have to go back to Shaw Direct.
How long after you made the deal for the 830 did it show up at the door. I'm thinking of biting the bullet on one or two boxes, but we're heading out on vacation in 10 days or so. We're in Toronto - I'm assuming Shaw has a distribution centre there? Anyone like to chime in on how long it took to get a receiver sent to you by Shaw if you're in Toronto?
Placed order on phone for 2 830's. They were here in 2 or 3 days. I am in Brighton about 1.5 hrs east of TO on 401.
Super, thanks. T.O. should be no problem then
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