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This morning I connected my brand-new (not refurbished) 830. I got a 60 Hz slight hum from my TV set after I powered up the 830. I have never had that problem with anything I've connected to the TV. I guessed that it was a ground-loop problem so I plugged the TV into the same power bar as the 830. End of problem. Shaw Direct may wish to consider that if a customer calls in with that problem.

I expected drama, based on my previous refurb 630 problems. Nope, the activation went without drama. :) I really like the new guide that provides show Season# and Episode#.

My only little quibble is the connection instructions that came in the box. It says not to press any buttons until the "blue light" goes off and the 830 restarts. It never happened; all it needed was a refresh.

As a side note, the problem with my now going-to-the-dump 630 was that only WGN acted as if it was not subscribed although I have always been subscribed. My 600 continued to receive WGN. I went thru hoops with Shaw Direct and finally most of the channels on the 630 disappeared. That's it! Warranty or not, I don't want to fool with another 630 refurb so I ordered the 830. Glad I did.

Another side note, the online MY ACCOUNT does not show WGN as being subscribed. My wife told me NOT to call or CHAT Shaw about it. Don't fix what ain't broke.
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My new 830 is about as unimpressive as it could be. If I had a choice I would never pick it as a utility for me. Even as a free 'upgrade' from a 630 it disappoints. It may work at recording but appears as a cheap replacement and would certainly not encourage me to change to Shaw Direct.
I guess they see that there is little future in satellite TV so why invest in something better. I will be working towards alternatives more now that I have been upgraded.
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Yes, the 830 does record and is a little quicker to respond than the 630. However, the nice items like clock, lack of signal indicator and recording lights have been removed. The overall appearance is a cheap box. As to the larger storage, I did not have a problem with the 500G SSD that I put in the 630. The only positive that I see is that I now can repurpose the SSD.
So, for me it is not an upgrade. I appreciate that it did not cost me anything, probably because I have been with Shaw Direct since 1992 (Starchoice when they promised satellite Internet access) and have had 3 PVR630 and 2 600 units at one time. I expect that this is typical of progress these days and I am just too old to see the 'positives'.
My new 830 has been rebooting with a 'please be patient' on the screen. Initially I thought it was because I was using fast forward a lot but now it did it in the middle of a recording while I was just watching. Missing the display of course there is no other indication of what is going on. The drive shows as good when I checked afterwards. Any one else seing this or is this a sign of unit failure.
It has happened 4 or 5 times in the past week.
The refurb is new to me but appeared to be new when I got it.
My 830 has not restarted on its own for the past week but now I am noticing signal breakup on more recordings. With the 630 it was only a problem in heavy rain or snow but the 830 seems more sensitive to the signal strength. Maybe something to do with the way it decodes the signal?
When I talked to Shaw on the phone I was told that I would get a call-back but never got it. So far the unit is working but I am unsure about it.
Having problems with my 830 since the firmware upgrade to 72.48. I had a manual timer setup for years on my 630 and then on the replacement 830.

Here is what happens. I set up the manual timer and then check the PVR Upcoming menu. All the upcoming recordings for the manual timer are listed. Good! After the 830 records the first manual timer event, it doesn't work again. When I check the PVR Upcoming menu, all the manual timer recordings that I just set up are now gone!?

I have repeated this process several times and it still repeatedly erases the manual timer events. As I mentioned before, I never had this problem until the the firmware upgrade to 72.48.

I appreciate any help.
I have had the same problem with manual timers along with rebooting during some recordings. I have had no help from Shaw yet.
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Typically, I use manual timers for recordings that overlap and will not be recorded with conflicts because there are already 2 in process. So, if one ends before the other I can at least get part of the third one. This is for sports items that are longer and have undefined endings at times.
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I find it very strange that the manual timer that worked well on the 630 has now been screwed up on the 830. And been released as part of the 'upgrade' to us with the new 830. Is it an indication of the care that was taken or the money that was saved? I expect that Shaw has not retained any of the people who originally did the programming on the 630. That would be typical of companies these days.
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This box may have to go back to Shaw Direct.
Mine has been unstable as well. I have had set recordings not happen and I now have 3 recordings that will reboot the 830 if I watch and fast forward. At least I have had a week with no apparent problems but I do not trust it. Getting to talk to Shaw is so annoying, I keep putting it off and hoping all will work.
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