Rogers has released its new in-car smart device. It’s the first of its kind in Canada, and allows users to get online in everyway they need to, while in their car.

But it doesn’t stop there: the in-car smart device offers users much more than a chance to check Facebook, on the road, (just please not while driving).

Here are 8 things to know about the Rogers Smart Drive, to keep you in-the-know:

1) It Only Works With a Share Everything Plan

Rogers has been smart about their device and ensured that it’s only available to customers who sign up for a Share Everything Plan.

Mind you, if your parents signed up for the plan and you’re part of it, it’s available to you, too.

2) It Costs $99 or $199

The device costs $99 if you sign a 2-year contract, or $199 if you wish to pay to own it, outright. Same, same, pretty much, in terms of dollars.

3) It Treats Your Car Like a Phone or Tablet

Having this device in your car means that you essentially have a Wi-Fi hotspot to use, on the road. In this way you can think of your car like you would having another tablet or smartphone, that’s using data.

The device is easy to use and plugs into your car’s OBD-II port, to operate. You pay for monthly data and share it with your car via Rogers’ Smart Drive.

4) It Isn’t Tied to One Vehicle

One of the great bonuses the in-car device has to offer is that it can be shared between vehicles. So, if you’re a family with 4 vehicles and one Share Everything plan, the in-car smart device can therefore be used in various vehicles between those users on the same plan.

5) You Can Track Your Car With It

For those who need to know everything at all times, this is for you. This device allows you to track the whereabouts of your car at any given moment, if the device is plugged into it. Did she drive to Vancouver, or just Saskatoon? You will know.

6) You Can Track Driving Habits With It (Including Those of Your Teen)

In addition to tracking your car’s whereabouts, (and this could be a biggie for parents), the in-car smart device will tell you stuff about the kind of driving that’s been going on.

Data on things like fast breaking, speeding, and extreme accelerations is gathered at all times and as a result, you can now answer the question, are they stunt driving on Saturdays? Wonder no more.

7) It Can Tell You What’s Wrong With Your Car

So, the engine light came on last week and you have no idea why. You don’t trust your mechanic anymore and wish you had more info at your fingertips before sending the car in for service. This device will conveniently tell you why the light came on, via info in the accompanying app.

8) If You Don’t Want to Use It While Roaming, You Need to Actually Unplug It

Important note: if you’re driving outside of your coverage area and you don’t want to Roam Like Home, simply turning this device off won’t do the trick.

Your in-car device will still continue to transmit data to the app in your smartphone even if Wi-Fi is turned off.

If you don’t wish this to happen, you need to unplug your in-car device before turning on the car. Again: you need to UNPLUG your device BEFORE turning on the car. (There, you’ve been warned and we feel that much better).

All in all, Rogers’ in-car smart device is a welcome addition to the market and one that many Canadians are sure to snap up.

What’s next? Rogers hasn’t hinted, but surely it’ll be something that builds on this new step.