Hit the road and make it easy with screens, coolers, GPS and more.

Summer vacation is almost here and so are the road trips. Whether your simply driving up to the cottage or trekking across the country on the Trans Canada highway, you’ll want to have the best tech gadgets on your side, to help make that drive the best that it can possibly be.

Here are 8 digital devices to help keep all riders happy:

1) Video Players

If you don’t already have video screens in your car, if you’re heading out for hours and hours in the car, now might be the time to consider getting some. Hey, it could save your sanity, and you can always take them out when you’re worried about too much screen time.

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Buy one from Amazon that installs as a separate entity, or get a completely new headrest, with the video player right inside.

2) GPS

Many, many drivers already use GPS technology every day. If you need to upgrade yours or simply want to try it out for the first time, it can be a great way to make driving that much easier.

Of course, if you’re driving someplace rural, always check with the locals.

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There are so many roads that look like they go through, only for drivers with GPS to discover they’re actually dead ends in the middle of a forest, at 3 o’clock in the morning.

If the moon is rising high, maybe you’re in luck. If you see glowing yellow eyes, back out slowly.

3) Compact Jump Starter and Portable Charger

Unfortunately but fortunately, gone are the days of knocking on your neighbour’s door, in order to jump start your car.

If you’re on a long trip or a short one, having a portable car battery jump starter in the trunk could be a saving grace. They’re small, easy to handle and also offer USB charging ports, and sometimes a portable flashlight.

4) Smart Coffee Mug

Who wants to drink cold coffee? Not me. Get your long distance driver a portable smart mug, and they can rest assured that the java will always be toasty and warm.

5) Car Cooler

These plug-in coolers will keep everything cool for as long as you need. Perfect from bringing lunch with you on the road and ensuring the mayonnaise doesn’t poison the whole family.

6) Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit

This one is more important for your safety than a cooler, but not as tasty. A hands free car kit allows you to answer phone calls and stream music via Bluetooth from your phone, without taking your focus off the road.

7) Car Phone Mount

If you’re using Google Maps on your smartphone to navigate to your destination, you’re going to need a car phone mount. Or, a patient co-pilot willing to hold it for you. A variety of styles and solutions are available to make it easy for you.

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