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I've noticed a couple of times that my DCT6412-III has a bit of a skipping problem.

Think a Youtube video that keeps outrunning the buffer.

The video stops then starts then stops and starts. While stopped it is unresponsive, can't bring up a menu, can't rewind, etc..

The last time it did it I had paused the TV for a few minutes and was playing back from the buffer. I'm not certain but I think it did it before on live TV too.


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I've noticed this type of behaviour on my 6416 III when watching a recorded program while the PVR is tuned to a digital music channel. There are long delays between button presses on the remote when the recorded program is stopped. My guess is that it has something to do with the music information display on the tuned music channel comming up and the PVR freezing until the music information display finishes.

I now make a point of tuning the PVR to non-music channels while playing recorded programs.
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