Are you a homeowner dreading winter and those large heating bills? You may qualify for free winterproofing from Enbridge.

Winter is around the corner and so are those rising bills. No one wants to see them. It's true that it isn’t possible to get free heating through the season unless you have a giant woodlot on your property, an efficient wood stove and an axe, but it is possible to cut down on wasted energy flowing out of your home and into the cold dark night.

You can do it yourself by adding insulation and sealing off drafty windows and doors. But you can also have some help.

Enbridge’s winterproofing program is free if you meet certain qualifications. If you’re living in a home you own that's seen some years of wear and tear, it could be worth it to check it out.

Here are 6 things to know about the cost-cutting program, and how to take advantage of it:

1) You Don't Pay a Cent

Enbridge’s program is entirely free, but there is one catch: you need to qualify. If you do, you’ll receive new insulation plus draft proofing of your home, to make it that much warmer.

2) It’s For Lower-Income Households

Who can get it? The program is designed to help lower-income homeowners keep heating costs down through the winter months in Canada, and the heat on. With a warmer house, you’ll experience better winter health.

According to Enbridge, the greatest savings through the program are seen in houses that are 35 years and older.

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You qualify if you’re house is heated by natural gas, you’re an Enbridge Gas Distribution customer, you pay your own natural gas bill and your household before-tax income of all household members 18 years or older is no more than these amounts:

One Person $32,843
Two People $40,886
Three People $50,266
Four People $61,028
Five People $69,217
Six People $78,065
Seven or More $86,914

3) If You Receive One of These Benefits, You Qualify Automatically

Do you receive one of the benefits on this list, and you're an Enbridge customer? Then you automatically qualify, as well.

• Ontario Works
• Guaranteed Income Supplement
• National Child Benefit Supplement
• Allowance for Seniors
• Allowance for Survivors
• Electric Utility HAP Program
• Healthy Smiles Ontario Child Dental Program
• Ontario Disability Support Program
• Ontario Electricity Support Program

4) It Can Increase the Value of Your Home

An energy-efficient home is more appealing to both buyers & tenants.

5) It Helps You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

According to Enbridge, you could reduce your energy use by up to 30%, by participating in winterproofing. This means you not only pay less for heat but you’re home is using less as well, meaning that you’re burning less fuel over the long haul, reducing your environmental footprint and creating cleaner air.

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6) It’s Easy To Apply

You can apply for the program online, over the phone, by mail or by fax.  Click here for information on all 4 methods and enjoy a more comfortable winter.

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