Want to upgrade your car in 2017? Go from the inside out, with these 6 best devices.

There is a plethora of tech gadgets on the market that can be used in your car, and choosing the best can be tricky. It’s a pretty subjective task, and it depends on what you want to do.

Do you need to keep your coffee warm and charge your phone, or do you want to soothe your baby, while they fall asleep? Everyone has different needs.

You might be someone who never uses a GPS and hardly ever talks on your smartphone, but if you’re not,  check it out.

Here are 6 electronic gadgets for your car that we think are pretty useful.

1) Car Finder

You can’t do much in a parking lot without your car. This three-in-one Bluetooth car charger for iPhones can save the day, when you’ve lost it.

Locate your car with MindMobile's GPS that marks your parking spot on your Smartphone. Just open the MindMobile app on your phone to bring up a map with your car’s location.

To make sure that you have your phone with you when you drive away, upon entering your car, the MindMobile also searches for its paired phone. If it can’t find it, a reminder ring tone will sound, and a red light will flash.

You can also charge your mobile devices with MindMobile’s 5VDC/1.2A USB port.

An extremely useful gadget for the chronically forgetful.

Supported phones include: the iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

2) Smart Car Seat

It’s horrifying but it can probably happen to anyone. It’s a fact that infants have been very accidentally forgotten in the haze of early parenthood by preoccupied caregivers, and left in the car on a hot day. This car seat makes sure that this never happens to you.

With this device, the driver receives an alert from the Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat with Sensorsafe when there is an infant passenger on board, upon arrival.

You can also use a wireless receiver to send a series of gentle tones to a smart chest clip on the seat, to soothe your baby, enroute.

And for added safety, a chime sounds to alert the driver when driving has begun but the chest clip is unbuckled. Safety all-round.

3) Tablet Mount

This could be used at any time but it’s perfect for long car trips.

Passengers can watch all they want on car trips with a tablet mounted on the front seat, with the Vena HEADTAB Universal Headrest Back Seat Tablet Car Mount.

This one is compatible with Smartphones, tablets and GPS or navigation devices with a 4.0" - 11.0" screen size display.

It can also usefully rotate full circle and tilt backwards and forwards up to 30 degrees. Of course, it’s not that great if you’re trying to limit screen time, but if you’re heading to Orlando from Toronto by car, it sounds like a gem.

4) Back Up Dashcam

Gone are the days of simply turning your head to see where you’re going. The Papago GS260-US Gosafe 260 Rear View Mirror Full HD Car Dashcam can be mounted on your review mirror, and used for extra vision when you’re backing up.

Turn if off when you want a mirror, and when you need a camera, activate it to film.

This device automatically starts with your car and can zoom in to capture a licence plate behind you, if needed.

Usefully, it also has a motion sensor. When your vehicle is parked, any motion detected behind the car will start the camera filming.

This might seem like a frivolous extra to some people, but if you park in tight spots, have a large vehicle or simply want a hand backing up, it’s a great gadget to have.

5) Ember Smart Mug



Starbucks has started selling Ember’s new smart mug, which is designed to keep your coffee warm at a constant preferred temperature. Yum.

You can only buy this mug in person in the U.S at select Starbucks stores, or online to be shipped to an American address, at the moment. If you’re there though, it could be a fun purchase, especially if you’re prone to leaving your hot drink out to cool off, too soon.

6) Handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone for Steering Wheel

This device lets you connect with up to 2 smartphones, simultaneously, while driving. You can answer and reject calls easily, redial your previous caller, and listen to music from your cell phone, all from your steering wheel.

You get 5 hours of talk time when this device is fully charged, and peace of mind that your hands are free to do the driving. In the digital age of texting and calling temptations while on the road, this tiny device could be a lifesaver.

Have fun and drive safe.