Who isn’t trying to call and text for next to nothing these days? If you’ve got a cell phone package that includes long distance and international communications at no “extra cost”, good on you.

If you don’t, you could likely use one of these apps.

Here are 6 of the best international calling apps that let you talk and text within Canada and around the globe, for free, or at a very low cost:

 1) Fongo

Based in Waterloo, Ontario Fongo offers some great features. Callers get free calling to other Fongo users within 85% of Canada, as well as low worldwide rates with something called “World Credits”.

(For list of free calling cities, click here .)

If you wish to text non-Fongo members, it will cost you but just $1.99/month. Fongo free calling features include visual voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 911 service, and conference calling.

Love your existing number? For just $25 you can transfer your existing home or mobile number.

2) Magic Jack

Download this free app in iTunes or from Google Play, and, like the rest of these apps, make and receive calls over Wi-Fi.

Magic Jack users can enjoy unlimited calling to other Magic Jack users the world over, so it goes a little farther than Fongo.

If you’re within Canada or the US, you can take advantage of unlimited countrywide calling to both Magic Jack users, and those without a Magic Jack number.

You can use caller ID, voicemail and call forwarding, but one drawback to this app is that you can only use it on one device. To add another one to the same number, you need to purchase a 1-Year magicApp plan for $9.99.

Magic Jack is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

 3) WhatsApp


WhatsApp is great for bringing everyone together under one umbrella. It also operates on your Wi-Fi connection and allows you to share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 people at once.

Video calling and document sharing features are also available. And the great thing is that, unlike Magic Jack, you’re not limited to one device.

This app lets you “sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.”

4) WeChat

This is the favourite calling app in China, consequently, WeChat is used by over half a billion callers.

Free calling, texting, video chat, photo sharing and games: a true all-in-one. Compatible with iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices.

5) Skype

An oldie but goodie, Skype video chat is always a possible way to call for free, if you have internet access, to contacts on Skype.

Like the other apps, for low rates, you can call those who aren’t on Skype, such as landlines and friends and family who don’t use the service. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.

6) Voxofon

Voxofon also offers free calling with other users anywhere in the world. If you find that your contacts don’t use the app, you can still communicate for free by earning free call credits to call or text any international number, including landlines and feature phones.

Features include: the ability to send and receive unlimited messages with text, pictures, videos, and audio notes.

If you do need to pay to contact someone, the good news is that rates run as low as 1 US cent per minute to call any number worldwide by purchasing in-app call credits.