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I've searched and read through many posts and apologize if it's been covered but there is an amazing number of posts to wade through.

After a couple refurb 5100's BEV finally upgraded me to a 5800 that also went through a couple refurbs before getting one that didn't fail... although the HDD is VERY loud.

I've had this 5800 for some time now but in the past 6 months or so, about once a month, the unit goes into a reset cycle where you can't view any program, can't access any recorded shows, can't access the guide and every few minutes shuts down and then restarts trying to acquire a signal.

I can't run any of the diagnostics as the system shuts down prior to their completion and clearing the NVRAM doesn't help. I eventually submit and format the HDD, losing everything (my 3 yr old son doesn't like that) and then all is good.

Are there any suggestions as to a fix or am I looking at replacing this unit... again?

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