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Ok Saturday I think we had a surge in power. When I was gone on vacation our one phone line is down and my light on my 53UDX10B is blinking. I just searched on it and I see that it is a surge protection on it. What I can not find is how to reset it. Right now I just hear a small paulsing sound when the light blinks and that is it. It has been unpluged for a little while with no luck. Just wondering is there a fuse or something that I sould be looking at that might have blown?

Is there something that I need to check on the TV? I am a computer guy so I am not to worried to open up the back panel to check something if it will save me a repair bill.

BTW what is the most I should put into this set? I received it from a freind that bought a wide screen and this TV cost me $0.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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