Wearables-pieces of technology that you can wear- are on the rise and running. Built to enhance your life and make it healthier, and easier, they come in all shapes and sizes. Feel the need for one?

Here are 5 top wearables of 2015, sourced from CNBC:

1) Smartwatches

Apple Watch gets all the attention, but many companies have smartwatches, including LG, Moto, Tag Heuer, Fossil and Sony, to name a few. These wearable time pieces are great for allowing the wearer to quickly checking email, the weather, and track their jogging performance while on the run.

2) Skully Bike Helmet

Coming in at $1,500 USD, this high tech motorcycle helmet comes equipped with a heads-up display, a 180-degree rearview camera and GPS navigation, and voice-control for your phone and music allowing you to keep your eyes and hands on the road.

3) SMS Audio BioSPort Earbuds

No need to recharge the battery with this one. These ear buds come with an embedded biometric sensor and can collect fitness data and send it directly to your cell pone. Sweat-resistant and smart! From SMS and Intel .

4) Digitsole

Designed for those who wish to track their daily steps. These digital insoles transfer data via Bluetooth and cushion your feet at the same time with an added layer of padding. Perfect for the fitness fanatic!

5) FITGuard

Taken a tackle in the game too many times? This mouth guard tells you when you’ve been hit too hard. Designed for athletes who could be susceptible to head injuries, the device lights up, alerting coaches that medical attention is required.

We’re excited to see what if the coming holiday shopping season has in surprise wearables in store.