Applications will be opening this fall for secondary schools across Canada.

If you’re a principal, teacher, parent or active community member and would like to help give a school a hand-up in the field of technology, this may interest you.

Each year, Best Buy provides schools across Canada with tech grants to help make sure all students in the country, regardless of socio economic status, have access to up-to-date computer electronics and technology. In Best Buy’s own words, the grants exist to “equip Canadian students with the right technology to keep them inspired, motivated and empowered as they learn and grow.”

The idea is to keep kids competitive and to bolster confidence, creativity and knowledge as they grow forth in their learning.

Want to help someone out? Here are 5 things to know about the Best Buy School Grants Tech program :

1) The Grants Come in 2 Categories

Grants are available at both the elementary (kindergarten through grade 8) and secondary (grades 9 through 12) levels.

Elementary grants aim to “help introduce or improve the technology available to all students in the school from Kindergarten to Grade 8.”

And secondary grants should “upgrade the technology of a specific program or classroom primarily used by students in Grades 9-12.”

2) You Should Consult Your Principal Before Applying

This may seem like a given, but if you’re considering applying on behalf of students in your neighborhood, know that the application to Best Buy needs to be approved and submitted with permission of that school’s principal.

Surprises are nice but check in with the administration to make certain the donation would be in compliance with the regulations and guidelines of the school board or district, just to make sure.

3) Only 1 Application Can Be Accepted Per Submission Period

This speaks for itself.

4) Each Grant is a Maximum of $10,000

You don’t need to take it all, but this is the max.

5) It’s Cash

It’s pretty kind and forward-thinking of Best Buy to give out these grants, and on top of it, the company isn’t stipulating that winners need to buy tech at their store.

Since the grant comes in the form of cash, and Best Buy recognizes that certain school boards have arrangements to buy their technology from certain vendors, principals can spend the grant on tech where it works best for their school (ie, from any seller, not just Best Buy).

Best Buy’s website indicates that elementary applications are currently closed but this fall, secondary schools nationwide will have the opportunity to apply for funding.

Educators interested in being notified when grants are next available can email [email protected]

Photo credits: isaiahlove/Bigstock; monkeybusinessimages/Bigstoc