Things like cell phones, iPods and GPS systems have become so ubiquitous that they seem to be, or are, a necessity for many of us. But what about all those tech gadgets you’ve never heard of? You know, the ones you didn’t know you needed?

Here’s a list of a few of those. Yes, everyone needs a glowing toilet- it’s 2017 for goodness sake.

1) Smart Pillow

If you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, maybe this will do the trick. Physiotherapists have always told me to rely on a trusty old down-filled pillow for a good night of rest and nothing else, but maybe they’re not in-the-know.

This pillow from Sunrise, now it the prototype stage, promises to come with LED lights embedded to help wake you up in the AM, and music to help you fall asleep.

It also vows to offer audio books, an alarm, sleep tracker, directional speakers, ergonomic support, cooling technology, guided mediation and more, all embedded in a lump of comfort for your head.

Naturally, it’s coming to you live from L.A. and estimated to be finished and ready to ship by October, 2017.

2) Smart Toilet

Drop on over to Costco for this one. The Ove Smart Toilet costs about $1500 CAN and comes with a built in memory and remote control. Why?

It offers “heated seating, warm flowing water, air drying, and much more” according to the listing on Costco’s website, and “eliminates almost all need for toilet paper or wet wipes” with jets that are “the most efficient option on the current market”.  Basically, it’s a smart bidet.

Water consumption comes in at 4.85 LPF (1.28 GPF), and it requires a power outlet.

3) Smart Toaster

Always wanted to receive notifications about your toast? The quest is over.

Griffin’s smart toaster allows cooks to connect to a companion app.  A list of different bread types and a chance to calculate how you’d like it cooked are both included, allowing you to save your toasting profile and obtain the perfect combo again, next time.

Buy into #4 (next) and have your mirror notify you when breakfast is ready, on your way out of the shower.

4) Smart Mirror

If you’ve splurged for the smart toaster, you might as well dive in for this smart mirror while you're at it.

The Connected Mirror doesn’t feel that you need even one moment away from the virtual world.

It will loyally notify you of any missed notifications from your phone, give you updates on other Griffin gadgets you’ve got operating in your home (like the smart toaster), display the local time and weather, and reflect your face, all at the same time.

Checking Griffin’s website , the product isn’t listed for sale but CNET claims that it’s coming to consumers by the end of 2017. Stay tuned.

5) Smart Hairbrush

Connect your hair to your phone with a smart brush called the Hair Coach from L'Oreal's Research and Innovation Technology Incubator.

What does it do? It will alert you of important details such as, if you’re brushing too hard, or experiencing split ends. Apparently it listens for them or something. Coming this fall .