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BBQ season is in full swing. It’s an ancient activity, and combining some new technology with old habits can make for great meals.

Here are 5 of the best grilling apps for fresh ideas and perfectly cooked meat, every time:

1) BBQ TankMeter - Android

If you’ve got gas in your tank, you’re good to go. BBQ TankMeter is an app that tells you if you have enough fuel left to cook your meal.

It uses acoustics to measure how much propane you have left in a standard 20 pound tank. Turn the app on and hold your phone 6 inches away from the tank. Strike the center of the container with your knuckles, a pebble or a coin. The app will read the ringing sound and show you how much propane is left, using a bar graph.

2) PitPal

Life is a work in progress. This “all-inclusive” bbq app know this and allows you to track your cooking, tweaking it as you progress.

Users input information about the temperature of the grill, sauces used, cooking time and the type of wood used into the app.

If your combination is a hit, you can save it and keep it for future reference. If it isn’t, use the app to keep tweaking your recipe and record it until you perfect it.

PitPal replicates a pen-and-paper process used on the competitive bbq circuit. Good cooking takes time!

3) Grill-It! ( iPhone, and Android )

Grill-It! is a great app to help you BBQ all kinds of meat, seafood and more. Users can search the app with keywords and ingredients to find recipes for a perfect meal. An ever-increasing number of recipes provide a growing selection and users can access them each month for free by being automatically notified each time a new one is added.

Recipes for grilling beef, lamb, poultry, pork, starters, sides, burgers hot dogs, vegetables and fish all at your fingertips.

4) iGrill from Weber

This app is useful because of the device it accompanies.

Need to look after other things while you BBQ? iGrill from Weber’s Bluetooth thermometer is available at Lowe’s and Home Depot in Canada, as well as online. It tracks the internal temperature of your food while you cook and sends an alert to your smart device once it’s done.

The thermometer is brand-specific and permanently mounts to the side table of any Genesis II or Genesis II LX gas grills.


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This app is a grilling guide. If you’re not sure how long to cook your meat, input the thickness of your cut and how well you want it cooked. GrillTime will calculate your grilling time and notify you when it’s time to flip and also when every thing is done.

It's the perfect app for socializing while you grill, as you can move away from the grill without worry, as long as your smart device is handy.

Knowledge is power- for more information on the art and science of grilling check out sites like AmazingRibs.com , SmokedBBQSource.com , busy-mommy.com , Steve Raichlen's BBQ Bible and Furious Grill.