For those who love the true TV experience, even if it costs as much as a car, 4K might be the way to go.

Jason Abrams, Director of Television Merchandising at Future Shop, at a recent home theatre expo, said the trend towards big screens and Smart TVs will continue and better content, with the help of blockbuster movies being shot in 4K and titles being remastered right now, will help with sales of the new 4K televisions.

That seems to be a global trend also according to research firm, Futuresource Consulting, which is forecasting shipments to cross the 20 million mark in the next few years.

Simon Bryant, the head of consumer electronics at Futuresource adds: "4K is on track to become a significant segment of the technology market. This year alone we’re expecting shipments in the region of 780,000, up from just 62,000 units last year. By 2017, we’ll see 22 million units shipped worldwide. Increased awareness and the growing availability of 4K content will drive sales in the sector from 2015."

Among the more stunning models on display at Future Shop's Expo was LG's 84-inch LM9600, which retails for $20,000. Visually, it delivers four times the detail as normal full HD and is equipped with 3D technology and Smart TV functionality. The LG 55-inch and 65-inch 4K models are on their way to Future Shop soon and feature Nano full LED backlighting which results in deeper blacks and consistent brightness and contrast.

Equally as impressive was the Sony BRAVIA 84-inch XBR 4K LED 4K model, which is priced as much as a 2014 Mustang V6 Coupe, at $25,000. But the Coupe doesn't provide the "smoothest picture possible with Motionflow XR 960 and 240Hz refresh rate." The Live Colour technology is behind the vibrancy and deeper contrast that "makes every scene, shot, pass and moment come alive."

While we expect more affordable 4K TVs, notably in the 55- and 65-inch segment, to be released shortly, Samsung has a practical solution for right now. The Samsung Evolution Kit is a do it yourself solution that plugs into the back of compatible 2012 Smart TVs to provide enhanced performance and features and it includes a completely redesigned Smart Hub, so you don’t get left behind. For $350, your TV will work in newer formats and the kit comes with a touchpad remote control that even allows for voice and hand gesture control.

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