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4100 loss of signal

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Informed Bell and moved my receiver into my motorhome - travelled for 6 days - then set up my sat dish - obtained an 86% signal - Watched TV for about 5 hours - Shut down for the night at 10 pm - all power off. Repowered and watch TV for 2 hours the next morning - shut all power off again - repowered about 3pm - no signal (dish had not moved) - have been working on it for two days - changed out cable (only using 91) - no signal, although my sat finder box indicates a good signal. Installed a new cable today -still no signal. Tried a Check Switch - went through all 39 steps and indicated the following: Installation Summary Mon/01/01
Switch Imputs Port 1 1 2 2 - Sat X X X X - Tranp X X X X -
Status : No Switch Box detected
Switch: Install Switch Model Unknown
Do I have a switch with my 4100 receiver
Never had this problem before - been using receiver for 5 years - In and out of the motorhome for the whole time. I have sent Bell an email explaining my problem
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You could always try a "check Switch" with the Input removed to put the box into a default state, otherwise it could be as simple as the box just died.

If you have a volt meter check for voltage on SAT Input Port, 13v of an Odd TP & 18v for an even.
loss of signal 4100

Thank you Pinza - I will try the Check Switch without input attached. As far as testing the voltage - Do you mean the sat input port where the cable from the dish attaches? Do you put the positive lead in the port and ground the negative to the receiver? Never have checked any voltage on a receiver before - Have checked d/c line voltage and a/c line voltage circuits of other systems - but leary of screwing up the receiver. The box is lit up and when I do a check switch with everthing connected - It indicates the following:

Installation Summary Mon 01/01
Switch Imputs
Port 1 1 2 2
Sat X X X X
Tranp X X X X

Status No Switch Detected

Switch Install Switch Model Unknown

Then I went to System Info One

Status : Warning Select Details b35
Software E628
Satellite X X
Device Unknown
Remote address 1

Selected details:
You have had no signal for the last 8 minutes - this later increased to 24 minutes.

The signal finder indicates a strong signal.

Do you think Bell cut me off because I am in my motorhome even though I contacted them when I moved the unit to my motorhome and here I am sitting in the toolies with no TV - good thing I have access to the internet.
Last year I had to resynchronize the unit twice during my stay away from home in the motorhome. Sorry for the long reply.
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Even if Bell cut you off, you would still get signal.

The Receiver sends power to the LNBF via the Sat Input port, so that is where to check for voltage.

Have you tried the other port on the LNBF, that could have failed.
signal loss 4100

I am only using the sat 91 - I am not hooked up to the 81 - What would be the result if 81 failed? I am not at my receiver location - I have not been back to the motorhome yet to run the checks you suggested. I had a chat with a bell rep this morning - all he kept on saying was realign the dish - I couldn't get through to him that I have tried that - also replaced cables and still do have a signal. The sat finder I have indicates a strong signal when I bring the dish alignment back to the settings where I had an 86% signal. This is driving me nuts! I have never had this trouble before and have been using this system for 5 years. I will try again and get back to you.
Well if the Sat Meter says there is Signal, that would suggest the LNBF is working, along with the cable and connectors, leaving you with a dead receiver as the only other option.

Can you take another receiver, or even borrow one for a few minutes.?
signal loss 4100

Thank you Pinza
I don't have access to another receiver at this point in time - but I will be sure to try that if and when I do obtain another receiver. This one still powers up - I guess there is no way I myself could run checks on it (if I knew what the checks were) to determine if it is defective.
Basically the only thing you can try is the voltage test I mentioned.

If you have a Bell World or Source store close by, they might assist you in testing it.
loss of signal

Thanks for your help Pinza
I will do the tests you mentioned - I am no where near a bell or source store -
I am heading back to my motorhome now - don't know when I will be hooked again - just have to keep trying. I might be able to get hold of my daughter and have her send me another receiver if I need one. have a great day.
The fact the signal meter is getting a signal, I think the Lnb is getting power from the receiver, both the Lnb and the meter run off the power from the receiver.
Is the signal 0% or strong but red on the 4100 signal strength in the menu function (6,1,1)?
I have seen/heard of receivers losing the ability to recognize the Bell signal, does the unit just cycle through the transponders trying to find the signal, staying at 0 of 5?
You did`t mention whether you pulled your smart card, then replaced it.
This past summer one of my receivers kept going down, as it said smart card not inserted properly, after a week or so it stopped doing it, probably dirt or something on the card or connector.
It really depends on the type of Signal meter as to it getting power from the receiver or not.

Don't forget the LNBF will have 2 ports, each is powered separately from each other, effectively 2 separate LNBF's in the one housing with a common ground.

Receivers do die, I took a 3100 that I had used for 5 years to my Cottage this summer, it has worked fine for many years, when I got there nothing, turned out it was just simply dead.
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