You can hit the start button before you get home, and walk into a pre-cooled entryway once you arrive. It's a small step for you but an amazing advancement for humanity.

Nothing beats a cold blast of air conditioning on a sweltering day. Hopefully this summer won’t be as scorching as it was last year, in some areas across the country. If it is though, hook yourself up with one of these smart air conditioners and know that you’re in good hands-or rather, that the control to a quality product is in your hands.

Check out this short list of 4 of the best smart air conditioners around:

1) Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner

Frigidaire’s Gallery Cool Connect Room Air Conditioner isn’t listed on Canadian websites, so you may have to drive south of the border to pick one up at an American Home Depot or Lowes .

It’s a great unit that can be scheduled for use and sports a unique front grill that’s attached to the body of the machine with magnets. Take the front off for cleaning every few months by using the Frigidaire Smart Appliances app in
or Google Play to remind you when it’s time.


Tado’s Smart AC Control unit and app works with any air conditioner that functions with a remote control, and that display the unit’s current settings, things like mode, target temperature and fan speed.

The app gives you reports on your usage, allows you to schedule your use and control multiple devices at once from anywhere.

Click here and scroll down to see if your AC unit is compatible with the APP.

3) LG

LG’s smart AC allows users to change temperature, fan speed, and air flow direction from anywhere, via LG Smart AC app, available from Google Play or the
Store[/URL] .

4) Quirky Aros

GE’s smart air conditioning ranks #1 on’s list of best smart AC units. This machine does what the others do, and also goes so far as to track the weather for you, in order to predict when you’ll need to cool off a bit more than usual.

Find it online or at Walmart and Home Depot.