From tablets to keyboards and graphic pens, there are deals to be had online this Cyber Monday.

Having a tablet around the house is useful. You can take it wherever you wish more easily than you can a laptop and its bigger than your phone, offering better ease-of-use when you need to type or view video.

What's even better? Being able to draw on it, and the choice to type with a real keyboard when you need it.

If you're looking to save money, check it out. Here are 4 top Cyber Monday deals on tablets and accessories available today from

1) Samsung Tablet

Originally $449

Now $349- you save $100

This 8-inch tablet from Samsung is small, lightweight and ideal from travel, both near and far.

It comes with a super AMOLED display, pre-installed Microsoft Office and expandable memory up to 128 GB with a microSD card. These features work together to give your productivity an edge, and your entertainment the best seat.

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2) Samsung Galaxy View Tablet

Originally $699.99

Now $499.99- you save $200

The Samsung Galaxy View tablet gets 3.5 starts out of 5 from CNET, with top marks for being a good alternative to a TV. The interactive full HD touch display measures 18.4", giving users a large-screen viewing experience. A built-in handle makes it easily portable and the curved Rocker Stand makes watching content on the screen easy to do, hands-free when it's placed upright on any surface.

3) XP-PEN Star03 12" Graphics Drawing Pen and Tablet

Originally $154.80

Now $69.99- you save $98.81

Not everyone needs a graphics drawing pen but for those who do, this one is a good deal.

This battery-free stylus is compatible with most computer systems and software, including Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS 10.6.x or above.

It’s a great companion for all major graphic applications such as Photo-shop, Painter an Adobe applications. It offers users the ability to work without recharging, meaning you don't need to stop your flow in order to continue later on.

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It has environmental awareness for a 10x6" working area and allows users to a choose line width to suit their needs.

With just one click you can toggle between pen and eraser for improved efficiency. Take advantage of 8 customizable shortcuts that allow you to brush enhance, weaken, zoom-in and out, cancel functions, use the hand tool and brush or erase with ease.

4) Logitech Keyboard

Originally $69.99

Now $37.96- you save $32.03

Having a laptop on-hand is incredibly handy for computer work, but when you don’t have one, a tablet with a portable external keyboard is just as good-or better.

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Logitech’s Bluetooth, multi-device keyboard works with computers, tablets and smartphones to meet your typing needs. Simply place your phone or tablet in the keyboard’s holding slot and type.

No more tiny keys and misspelled words due to lack of space. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Android and iOS devices, it has you covered.

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