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There's enough bandwidth to get 3HD streams at once, in fact, there's enough to get at least 4HD streams - you could try for a 5th, but that might be pushing it depending on the content of the HD feed (if it's live action, it will use more bandwidth then say, something with a largely static picture). MTS doesn't offer more then 2HD/1SD because they've dedicated a portion of that bandwidth to Internet usage (whether you have Internet with them or not). They will also tell you that their research shows that the majority of households only use/require 3 streams (although I think this is flawed, and doesn't include a household where a PVR may be using additional streams). MTS limits the accounts in Microsoft Mediaroom to 2HD/1SD - so if he's getting 3HD - I'm guessing one of his MTS boxes is on someone elses account and not his, that or there's some sort of glitch. Can he access his recordings remotely from all Set Tops? or does one not show the list?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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