Are you in for scaring them witless? Grab some of these moving, speaking decorations and make them scream.

It’s almost Halloween. You likely have your decorations up and ready to go, if you’re participating in the frenzy. But maybe you’re looking for that extra little something to add to your display, or perhaps you simply want to see what could be possible. If so, consider these animatronics.

They'll help you attain that truly creepy look, and to put you on the road to becoming the house on the block that's certain to scare them silly.

Check it out-here are 4 of the scariest animatronic Halloween decorations now available:

1) Swinging Sally

Nothing says ‘hello there’ like a little gray girl swinging by herself on a swing set in your garden. At night. ‘Swinging Sally’ has two scripts. She says, "Hello there. (Giggle) Sally was mean to me. Once. Now, she'll never be mean again. (giggle) I was just thinking how funny you would look without eyes, too. (giggle) I see you."

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She also shares this: “"Rock a bye baby, on the tree top, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all. (giggle) I was just thinking of you falling to your death. (giggle) That's funny!"

This doll is motion activated, to truly catch them off guard. It says Sally is best for use indoors, but on a clear night it might be OK to give her some fresh air for a while, outside.

2) Wandering Wanda

OK, ‘Wanda’ isn’t the official name given to this product, but we thought Sally might like a friend. This roaming antique doll is sure to make them think twice. She’s motion and sound activated, so talk to her or scream and she’ll certainly follow you. Her glowing eyes light up as she giggles and says things like “You’ll never get out of here!”

Ready or not, here she comes!

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3) Smoldering Zombie

There’s nothing like a smoldering zombie to welcome them in. It looks like this guy is sticking out of the ground and has seen better days. He moves when he senses you moving, and grunts and groans in pain, while his head and what’s left of his torso move around. FYI- the smoke you see is a separate feature sold on its own. This guy is creepy enough without it, though!

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4) Ghost Swing

A little emptiness certainly goes a long way. There isn’t anything really off-putting about this decoration... until it starts to move. If you listen closely enough, you’ll hear the chains creaking as this swing moves on its own. There's also a little girl calling out to you. Where is she? Nowhere to be seen, at least in this dimension. Her body is gone with the wind, but her soul seems to be lingering.

Photo credits: Romolo Tavan/